FM Account

GFX FM account is an account opened for customer that they would like to invest with Fund Managers in FM Marketplace.

Manager Accountability
and Responsibility

One of our requirements of FM marketplace managers is that they have some of their own money invested in their accounts.

Account Transparency
and Reporting

You can access to our daily updated reporting on FM Marketplace manager’s performance

Flexibility with Deposits
and Withdrawals

You can make a deposit or withdraw money from your account at any time at daily working hour.
***Charges may apply and varies with different fund managers

Select a Rescue Level
and Control Your Risk

Each fund manager will have a rescue level indicated in the fund they manage and will automatically stop trading if the level is reached. Choose the fund manager with the maximum acceptable level of risk that you are willing to accept

Days Opened
Min. Deposit
Abs. Gain
Max. Drawdown