FM Account

Understanding how the GFX FM Program Works

As a GFX FM Manager, you open a GFX FM Account and allocate funds to your Manager Account – this is known as the Manager’s Capital. When a FM Manager successfully manages investors’ funds by generating a profit, the Manager will receive a Success Fee – a pre-agreed percentage of the investor’s share of the profit.

To choose a FM Manager, Investors can review the FM Performance Rankings page and select the FM Managers who match their investment goals. It’s easy to find a Manager from the customisable FM Performance Table by filtering results by active/ inactive strategies, current ranking, FM strategy name, minimum deposit, gain and maximum drawdown.

FM Managers trade using their own capital (Manager’s Capital) and the funds of any investors in the account. Simply put, any profits and losses generated on the FM Manager’s Account will be shared between all accounts that are invested in the FM Manager on a proportional basis.


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All investments and transfers within the GFX FM program are fully controlled by us automatically, ensuring that both the Investor and Fund Manager have peace of mind when it comes to security. As a trade is closed, profits and losses (P/L) are distributed to the Investors and Fund Manager, based on their participation. At predefined periods of time, the GFX FM Fund Manager receives the fee specified within the Manager’s Offer.